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Ten Best Foods to Overcome Vitamin A Deficiency

Ten Best Foods to Overcome Vitamin A Deficiency

Deficiency of vitamin A can cause many diseases such as rickets, beriberi, pancreatic disorders, and inflammatory disorders. Intake of Vitamin A rich foods is the best way to overcome its deficiency. Symptoms of vitamin A deficiency include itching of eyelids, getting dry of respiratory track and throat, and sometimes malfunctioning of digestive system. A prolong deficiency of vitamin A can lead irregular development of skeleton. While its deficiency during pregnancy may cause night blindness and anemia but if not treated timely this deficiency can also get transfer to the newborn and hence may cause retinal disorders in the child. Hence, it is essential to keep a balance diet which can provide with the required amount of vitamin A.

Some of the best foods for overcoming vitamin A deficiency are given below.

1-Papaya– Papaya is one of the most vitamin A enrich foods. The use of papaya brings along a lot of benefits with it as it is not only rich in vitamin A but also in other vitamins like vitamin B, C, and E. Along with this it also contain minerals like potassium, calcium, and phosphorous. Its use is highly beneficial for digestive system disorders caused by the deficiency of vitamin A.

2-Mangoes– Vitamin A constitutes 25% of mangoes total nutrition value. Also mangoes have low fats and sodium, which further add to its being beneficial for diseases or disorders caused by vitamin A deficiency. Sodium and fat exacerbate any disease caused by vitamin A deficiency.  In this sense mangoes serve both to provide vitamin A and to minimize any potential risks of sodium and fat in case of vitamin A deficiency.

3-Green Peas– Green peas is another great source of vitamin A. its regular consumption can minimize risk of disease caused by deficiency of vitamin A like skin problems and eye-sight related disorders.

4-Tomatoes– Consumption of tomatoes, especially raw, on a regular basis is extremely helpful in overcoming vitamin A deficiency. New research shows that tomato may be helpful in strengthening immunization of cells against cancer.

5-Peaches– This is another good source of providing vitamin A. Peaches benefit in eye-sight and skin related issues which are caused by deficiency of vitamin A.

6-Sweet Potatoes– Sweet potatoes provide a good deal of vitamin A. They are helpful in inflammatory related disorders. Inflammation of respiratory track which can be caused by deficiency of vitamin A can be cured with consumption of sweet potatoes.

7-Carrots– carrots is another one of the best foods for overcoming vitamin A deficiency. They especially benefit vision and provide best solution for vision related problems caused by shortage of vitamin A.

8-Milk– Milk is a good food from which enough amount of vitamin A can be obtained. Vitamin A constitutes 10% of total nutrients of milk and one litter milk on daily basis can provide a ample amount of vitamin A.

9-Eggs– A whole egg contains 270gm of vitamin A. However, it is egg yolk which is much richer in vitamin A which contains 245gm of vitamin. Eggs are beneficial for inflammatory disorders which, as mentioned earlier, are mainly caused by deficiency of vitamin A.

10-Liver– Liver contains highest ratio of vitamin A as compare to other nutrients. A greater amount of liver is highly recommended for acute deficiency of vitamin A. The quickest way to overcome deficiency of vitamin A is consumption of liver as 100gm of liver contains about 7mg of vitamin A.

Conclusion– A diet containing the above mentioned foods will be one of the quickest ways to overcome vitamin A deficiency. With the help of these foods one can avoid a wide range of diseases which could potentially be caused by deficiency of vitamin A.

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