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Side Effects of Tummy Tuck on the Future Pregnancy

Side Effects of Tummy Tuck on the Future Pregnancy

Many women who want to undergo tummy tuck have a lot of concerns about its potential side effects on the future pregnancy. Most of the women undergoing tummy tuck are well aware of the fact that their future pregnancy can possibly jeopardize their tummy tuck. Keeping this potential risk, women usually tend to undergo tummy tuck after desired childbearing years. Most of the time women keep risk of pregnancy endangering tummy tuck while fail to think the other way around, that is; whether tummy tuck will have any potential side effects on future pregnancies or not. Here we will talk about some potential side effects of tummy tuck with regard to pregnancy.

Contraction of Abdominal Muscles: Tummy tuck involves contraction of abdominal muscles as for reshaping the tummy it is necessary to contract the stretched muscles. Contracting abdominal muscles can make the uterus smaller too. Put other way, the upper layer of abdomen can cause the inner layers to contract too. It is the possible contraction of inner abdominal muscles, caused by upper abdominal muscles, which can prove to be dangerous for the future pregnancy.  The contraction of inner abdominal muscles can lead the uterus to grow smaller in size which in turn may lead to some other complexities for the child. Among these complexities, the most dangerous one is the disruption of food and blood from the mother to the child. As the child gets food and blood from the mother in the uterus, the possible contraction of inner abdominal muscles can either narrow the tube or worse i.e. block the tube which carries blood and food to the child.

It can cause Deficiency of Fats: Tummy tuck not only involves contraction of muscles but also removal of skin and fats from the abdomen region. Fats removal may seem to be a positive thing to do but in fact it can have some side effects on the future pregnancy. Maternal fats of the skin help in providing some vital energy to the child in uterus. Research shows that the maternal fats are necessary for the child`s initial stage development.  Children deprived of maternal fats may born with various innate diseases. In this case, removal of fats from the abdomen region can be deemed as more dangerous as it is the closest region to the uterus which can have a direct negative impact on the child.

Possible Cesarean Section Complexities: Undergoing tummy tuck surely requires a great deal of stitching and scarring, which can be dangerous in case of having Cesarean section. Almost one-third of all births in the United States involve C-section. Keeping this in mind, a woman with having done tummy tuck is more prone to child-birth complexities as compare to other women. Undergoing C-section after tummy tuck can not only be fatal for the mother but it can also create problems for the child. In most of the cases women with having done tummy tuck bleed much more than the other which in itself is a sign of danger for both the mother and her child.

Conclusion: It is not to suggest that tummy tuck is not a safe cosmetic surgery rather it is to implied from the above discussion that undergoing tummy tuck before childbearing can have some possible side effects on pregnancy. To avoid the possible side effects of tummy tuck on future pregnancy the viable option is to carry it out after child bearing age.


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  1. I’m 4 years after a tummy tuck , 26 weeks in…. This is no joke. Pregnancy is way more difficult after a tt. I’ve had a ton of pain. My boy is down low hitting my cervix. I’m having lightning. My mucus plug is coming out n chunks…. This is my 7th child. Never had this much problem. Breathing seems like I’m doing it more. I’m barely showing, but he shows me what my insides feel like. I find myself lying on my back trying to spread my legs apart, belly arched. He makes me yelp. Or ill get on my chest and knees, to make him get away from my cervix. I get major pains on my left and right sides of my pelvis depending on were he’s sleeping ( so I move to other side, cause this mucles can put me in tears) I’m not a stranger to pain, I can deal with a lot.. my kids were all born natural except my son Gabe who was c-section. Last daughter who is four now, all natural against Dr.s orders. I thought I was done. But now this hurts, and I’m pretty sure I’m having a premature baby. There’s not a lot of room, and he’s already busting into my cervix. I’m still working when I can manage the energy. But now, since I lost my mucus plug part, not sure if I should go back. I don’t have a regular Ob. Because the ones in town say they have to many January babys, won’t take me, so I’ve been going to e.r every 4 weeks, tomorrow I’m supposed to go. I will be going early in morning. But they don’t know much about my situation, I try to tell them, but they don’t listen. I seen another girl that was having major complications to, she delivered like 27weeks. I knows its high risk because of one c-section already, and some scar tissue, I had previa placenta already with my son. In now at the e.r. it hard enough for me to make sure I get my work ups. I’m glad my boy is active,but pain…. Did you have any of this? I don’t think enough ppl post there real experience, cause from what I’m reading, it just some tug n pole, sunshine n rainbows. For me its getting really painful, and now starting to show early signs of premature birthing still having Braxtons a lot. Two -3 last half n hour….. I don’t want to go threw 39 weeks of this Grrr…… For anyone getting a tummy tuck, I suggest getting tied. No more babies, cause some may have a great pregnancy after tt, or you could be like me or the other girl having some real issue. So beware…. You can reach me at , I have no problem of answering questions….

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