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Job Opportunity for Associate Dentist in Tucson, Arizona

Job Opportunity for Associate Dentist in Tucson, Arizona

Western Dental Services, Inc. is one the oldest dental health and services providers in the Arizona and California states. It has a big team of more than 4,000 qualified doctors, assistant, administrators, managers, and other office staff. Our company provides the best quality dental health care services with affordable cost to thousands of people on daily basis. We are committed to provide every kind of facilities to our patients and that is why our clients have strong faith in us and in the services we provide.

Our team in Arizona has become one of the biggest and leading dental care providers, with twenty offices throughout the state. We are spreading out continuously and our goal is to provide dental care to as much people as possible. To meet the increasing demand for oral and dental health care, we have established more than 200 offices around California and Arizona. We still need to handle with the huge number of dental health patients. For this purpose we are seeking highly qualified professionals to join or highly skilled team and to become part of the commitment of providing the best dental health care. If you have the passion to serve and want to excel in your professional field we cordially invite you to join us.

Job Details

Post: Associate Dentist

Job type: Full type

State: Arizona

City: Tucson

Job posting date: February 3, 2013

Company: Western Dental Services, Inc.

Job position for Associate Dentist in Tucson


  • Enjoying unique and competitive practice opportunities
  • Continuous guidance from experienced and well-trained dentists and other related professionals who have excelled in their respective fields
  • Work experience in an environment where patients flow keeps persistently due to their trust on the company
  • Advance career opportunities
  • Practice experience in a patient-dense environment which helps in shining up your acquired skills
  • Enjoying benefit of base plus incentives policy
  • Training by qualified Quality Assurance program

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Performing clinical dental services for patients which include examination of the patients, treatment, minor oral surgeries, oral cancer screenings, pit and fissures sealants, full and partial denture, bonded restorations, extraction and limited root canal therapy
  • Utilizing modern dental equipment like, rotary instruments and digital radiograph, for carrying out various dental and oral procedures
  • Making sure that all the policies and recommendations of Western dental Services are followed properly
  • Providing complete and accurate reporting on patients` along with keeping contact with patient and other health care providers.
  • Providing instructions about oral hygiene to the patients
    Providing dental services which are up to the standard of Western Dental`s Quality Management department
  • Being able to make good relationship with both the staff and patients
  • Must have good communicating skills, especially oral, so as to convey a message in an understandable way

 Minimum Education Requirement:

Must have a valid dental practice license, obtained from the Arizona state

Fresh graduates are also encouraged to apply

Apply and further details:

For applying for the position and for obtaining further information about the company or the job position you can log in to “”

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