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How to Get a Perfect Vintage Wave

How to Get a Perfect Vintage Wave

Nowadays vintage wave is one of the recent and most popular hairstyles. Every woman wants to get a perfect vintage wave that could add to their beauty. While different hairdressers use their techniques for making vintage waves, you can do it on your own too. Being a perfect hairstyle for events like wedding and prom season, vintage wave saves you a lot of time as it does not take more than half an hour to do. Besides, making vintage wave is really fun and it adds you tremendous amount of attractiveness to your whole personality. Recently many celebrities have been spotted with vintage wave hairstyle. Some of them include Madonna, Ashley Greene, Kate Hudson, Alicia Keys, Taylor Swift, and Kim Kardashian.

How to get Vintage Wave: As mentioned earlier, getting vintage wave is not difficult to get and you can easily do it on your own if you follow the following easy steps.

1-Comb through: First you need to comb through your hair and remove all kind of tangles that can potentially make lumps. While combing your hair do it straight and not sideways as it may cause further tangles. Also, do not comb the hair upwards rather try to comb it down so that hair would not remain shaggy.

2-Make a horizontal section: Making a horizontal section in your hair is an important step for getting perfect vintage wave. The straighter you pull out the horizontal section in your hair the better you get vintage wave. Also, you can make horizontal section either right in the middle of the hair or you can tilt it to the left or right side. However, it is better to pull it out in the middle until otherwise necessary.

3-Pinch the section with Instyleriq: Now to give your hair a wavy look, take Instlyeriq of range ¾ inch or less and put the base of the horizontal section in its barrel. Make sure the barrel touches skull of your head and no base hair remain outside of it. Now slowly start pinching the hair along with rotating the barrel slightly. Keep the hair base pinching until you get your desired degree of waves. Repeat the pinching for the other half of horizontal section in the same manner.

4-Wrap End of the section: Now move the barrel slowly towards the tips of your hair and keep pressing it till you get the same curl at the tips as you have at the base. Take care that you move slowly so that each and every move count. And hold your hair tips in your hand because they are soft and to get all of them into the roller. You should keep the heat of the barrel moderate; you do not want to damage your hair at any point while making them.

5-Unwrap Your Hair: As the hard part is done, and your hair-style is almost complete so it is time to sit back and wait for a while for the hair to get positioned. Carefully unwrap your hair and remove the roller. Make sure you don’t mess up things while unwrapping your hair. The gentler you are the better waves you get.

Most of the girls find it difficult to make a vintage wavy hair-style, but if you see it is not much different than everyday hair make-up. You have to follow a few easy step to get it done It does not take a whole lot of your time.

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