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How to Choose Suitable Hair Extension

How to Choose Suitable Hair Extension

A lot of women face dilemma when it comes to deciding on which hair extension they should choose. Choosing a suitable hair extension has always been a hard decision for such women. Not many of women take some of the important factors into consideration when choosing hair extension. Here we give a list of key factors that play a significant role in getting you suitable and charming hair extension.

1-Hair Texture:  It is one of the important factors that you need to pay close attention to when choosing your hair extension. Your hairstyle will look awful if you choose opposite texture for your hair. For instance, if you choose curly or kinky extensions for straight hair it will not give you positive results and soon you find it not fitting your hair.  You should pay close attention not only to your own hair but also to the extension you are choosing. You can directly pick the texture that attracts you but it would be more appropriate that you search for different hair extension textures that are more compatible with one another. You can know about different compatible hair extension textures with the help of online search. If you want to try something different from your normal hair texture then you should be well aware of the fact that it can potentially go extremely wrong and then you will have to adopt another hair extension. So in short, it is very important that you do some search on hair extension texture before you decide to wear it.

2-Hair Color: another key factor that you should take into consideration when choosing your hair extension is the color of extension. Most of women like to choose bright colors as they are considered to be more attractive. However, not many women think of their suitability with their own natural hair color. In order to have suitable hair extension you should go for colors which closely resemble your normal hair color. If not, then you should choose such colors which do not give shinny appearance to your hair as most of bright colors do. One way you can find out hair extension that will suit you is to hold it with your hair and see for yourself if that will look nice on you. While doing that you must be mindful of the fact that indoor lights may affect appearance of the hair extension. So make sure you try it out outdoor in natural light. You should know beforehand that different shades and color codes are available in the market. Each hair extension color has specific unique code such as, #1 is for jet black, #1b for off black, and #2 for dark brown, etc.

3-Hair Length: you might be wondering why hair length is an important factor in choosing your hair extension. Well, hair length is an important factor because it`s where the conformability comes in. you should select hair texture of a right length. Don`t be tempted by lengthy hair portrayed in the popular media. Most of the times it is better you go for shorter hair extensions because it gives you an advantage of keeping it in order. However, it does not mean you choose hair extension shorter enough that does not cover up your own hair. It is more appropriate that you get hair extension that is one or two inches longer than your natural hair.

In order to get suitable extension you must take into consideration it`s texture, color and length. All these factors make up a perfect match of hair extension for you. For more tips on beauty and hair extensions, subscribe to our rss feed.

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