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How Diet Soda can Destroy Kidney Functions

How Diet Soda can Destroy Kidney Functions

Many research studies show that aspartame, artificial sweetener, in diet soda can destroy kidney functions. Many people around the world have been diagnosed with different kidney problems which are linked with their use of diet soda. In a research 3318 women, who were consumers of aspartame-containing diet soda, were observed for a number of years. It was found that two or more diet drinks daily led to double risk of kidney degradation.

Are their safety claims realistic: In contrast to the safety claims by the manufacturers of aspartame, health related concerns like non-Hodgkin lymphoma and leukemia are still there. Food and Drug Administration first approved the aspartame due to the safety claims by the manufacturers. But when a psychiatrist concluded that aspartic acid, a major component in aspartame, made holes in mice brain, the Food and Drug Administration has set up a task force to investigate the safety claims by the inventor of aspartame. In the investigation process, the FDA came across falsified claims, compromised study results and missing information by the aspartame manufacturers.  Although some researchers admitted that there were some other variables, like gender, to be considered, even then there were kidney-related risks associated with die soda. Some of the hazardous components of diet soda which can damage kidneys are given below.

High proportion of sodium: Diet soda contains a greater ration of sodium as compare to those sodas which are sweetened with sugar or corn starch. Excess of sodium in the human body reduces the ability of kidneys to remove the unwanted and toxic fluid from blood, which then starts to build up in the body. In such cases if proper treatment is not carried out there can be a great risk of kidney failure. High intake of sodium may be fatal to those who already have kidney disease. It causes heart failure, shortness of breath and edemia, a noticeable swelling in legs, hands and face. Sodium as a major component diet soda makes it extremely dangerous not only for kidney but also for other kidney-related body systems like urinal system.  Another risk that diet soda carries with it is that its sodium can easily accumulate in kidney and urinal tracks which may cause urinal track infection. If taken for a long period of time, diet soda can damage the whole urinal system along with failure of kidneys.

Aspartame: Research has revealed that aspartame-containing soda causes tumor, seizures, brain holes and even death in some cases. All these negative aspects are altered or kept hidden from the final reports that are submitted to the Food and Drug Administration at the approval of aspartame.

Caffeine: Caffeine is another ingredient of diet soda which is harmful for nervous system and can badly affect the hormones. Along with this, caffeine causes addiction and hence its usage perpetually increases the desire of wanting more. The more you take caffeine the more it makes you not to feel the hidden anomalies of the bodies. In this way, due to intake of caffeine it may be possible that you remain unaware of any of your kidney problem caused by sodium until a point when the situation has gotten much severe.

Conclusion: To sum it all up, diet soda can destroy kidney functions in many ways. It is not only the kidney which is affected by diet soda but also urinal system of the body. However, it is the kidney which gets the sheer amount of damage done by diet soda. The harmful effects of diet soda can only be reduced through its minimal usage, not to mention that the best strategy would be to abandon diet soda all together.


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