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World Malaria Day on 25th April,Its Significance and objectives

World Malaria Day on 25th April,Its Significance and objectives

The history is clearly suggesting the importance of 25th of April and it is considered as World Malaria Day throughout the world. It was firstly declared in the 2007 by the World Health Organization.

Nowadays, many of countries all around the world are celebrating World Malaria day as on every 25th of April. The basic objective of this day is to create awareness among the common or general public about Malaria disease. Therefore, it is being celebrated throughout the world. The purpose of this day is to educate common people about the consequences of this dangerous disease, and its preventions. There are several volunteers from many health related organizations who participated in this program. Currently, there are many health related organizations and thousands of health workers participating and doing this job very faithfully voluntarily for the sake of people all around the world

Significance and objectives of Malaria day

The objective of malaria day is to create healthy and safer societies free from this dangerous disease. That is the reason why number of people, especially health related volunteers are participating on this day to create awareness among the general public. The goal of this day is to reduce the death rate caused by malaria.

The purpose of this day is to provide education to the very common people, especially the poor people living in the societies. Health volunteers from many organizations provide information about how to prevent malaria. This includes the importance of using bed nets during the night, mosquito repellent, and vaccinating the pregnant women in order to prevent them from malaria. By applying these preventive or precautionary measures; they can live healthy life which is free of malaria.

World Malaria Day

It is also been observed that many of the organizations like National Malaria Control Center have arranged mobile clinics. These mobile clinics provide free screening tests for malaria and other lab services around different towns and areas in different countries like Africa. They also provide treatment to those people who have been suffered from malaria disease.

They use loud speakers in order to spread their information and cause of working to far away regions in order to education and provide treatment for malaria. Many of the famous celebrities are also part of this activity. These include various popular stars and other well-known people who work as a volunteer for these health organizations. They also mobilize their communities and work for them every year free of cost as well as contribute financial assistance to the health related organizations.

The health organizations provide an effective to prevent malaria. This day is considered as a decisive moment in the whole world. The awareness for this is increasing at a rapid pace throughout the world among the general public. Those people which are considered to be at higher risk of having or suffering from malaria have been provided the treatment on this day. Thus, they get their treatment to live healthier life.

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