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World Aids Day or Red Ribbon Day

World Aids Day or Red Ribbon Day

Significance of these awareness days is that they are health related and raise public awareness about AIDS, Cancers and different diseases. World AIDS Day is usually an awareness day. December is known as an AIDS awareness month because every year world AIDS day is celebrated on 1st December around the world.

What is AIDS?

AIDS is the abbreviation of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome .In which a person’s immune system is too weak to fight with infections. It is a fatal disease and is sixth leading cause of death. AIDS is caused by HIV virus that attacks on the person immune system gradually. Due to weak immune system, common bacteria, yeast, parasites and viruses can cause fatal illness in the patients suffering from AIDS. First case of AIDS was identified in 1981 among the gay men in United States. From 1981, more than 30 million people have died from HIV AIDS and more than 34 million people are living with HIV.

Introduction of World Aids Day:

The two public information officers James W. Bunn and Thomas Netter gave an idea to celebrate Global AIDS Day in august 1987 and their idea was approved and liked by Dr. Jonathan Mann who is the director of Global Programmed on AIDS. So, 1st time AIDS Day was held on January 1988 in London which delegates from 148 countries.

Purpose of World Aids Day:

World AIDS day provides the opportunity to the governments to spread awareness about AIDS among their people because only 24% of young women and 36% of young men have knowledge about HIV transmission and prevention and it is needed that awareness must go on. In our society people who are affected with HIV are treated badly so World AIDS Day comes with this advantage to show support to help unite people worldwide in the fight against AIDS and to commemorate those people who have passed on. Global Funds, PEPFAR and other organizations funding more for the treatment of HIV AIDS but still there are large numbers of people waiting and needing for treatment.

Red ribbon is the global symbol for unity with those people living with AIDS. It was created by the Visual AIDS Caucus in New York. For World AIDS Day, In 30 November 2007 a large red ribbon was hung between columns in the north portico of White House. UNIADS with the advice of other Global Health Organizations choose annual themes for the World AIDS Day.  Current year theme is “Getting to Zero”. This theme will remain until 2015.

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