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What is root canal and when and why it is unavoidable

What is root canal and when and why it is unavoidable

Root Canal Procedure:

Root canal is a treatment in which repair of the infected teeth can be done. In the root canal infection, the teeth usually completely damage and sometimes inflammation may also occur. In root canal, patient feels severe pain and in some cases, you may also find bleeding. During the root canal procedure, generally the nerve of the tooth and pulp is also removed. After that the tooth is cleaned by using different sorts of chemicals and then sealed. If the root canal is not been treated properly, then it may cause formation of abscesses and you may find whole tooth infected.

Root canal is such a procedure which is implicated to describe the internal condition as found in the center of the tooth. The pulp is considered as the soft area of your tooth. Within the root canal, a tooth nerve exists. The function of tooth nerve just gives the feeling or you can say sense the hotness and coldness. The tooth nerve is not important for the overall health of the tooth and usually it emerges thoroughly into the teeth gums.

Root canal

Anatomy of tooth:

Pulp is the organ which consists of soft tissues. Pulp comprises many of the blood vessels. It also contains a number of connective tissues and endings of several nerves. There is a presence of periodontal ligament on the outer surface of the tooth which surrounds the complete surface of the roots of your teeth. Thus, it connects to the bone of your jaws.

The pulp region of the tooth is composed of soft tissues. That is why; it can be easily infected by the variety of diseases. In root canal infection, mostly patients are complaining for a severe pain during chewing and biting. The sensitivity of the teeth occurs in some complicated cases which might be leading to the death and decay of the tooth. For this purpose, dentists have suggested root canal as the best possible treatment of the infected tooth.


In the treatment of the root canal, generally the removal of the debris and the diseased tissues of the pulp can be done. Whereas, the remaining spaces in between the pulp are properly disinfected with the help of disinfectants. When the removal of the tissues of the diseased tooth is done, then it will heal up very rapidly. Filling of the root canal can also be done in order to avoid the contamination of the salivary bacteria. This filling can help to prevent secondary infection and also provides protection against other germs. After such process, the restoration of the tooth is what needed. Initially, temporary restoration is suggested by the dentist but after some specific period of time, its permanent restoration can be also done. This will completely healed up with the passage of time and thus maintained the health of the tooth. The treatment should be done only by the experienced and authentic dentists. Otherwise, this may lead to a severe kind of infection.


Sometimes reoccurrence of the root canal may also be seen because of the usage of contaminated apparatus during treatment.


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