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What is hypertension

What is hypertension

Hypertension is a termed used for the high blood pressure. Hypertension is considered as a condition in which the blood pressure elevates on persistent basis. This will lead to very serious damage to the heart and as well as other body organs. This may also affects your kidneys, eyes and even brain in majority of the cases. Generally, the blood pressure is being increased due to the force of blood exertion on the arteries walls. Blood passes through many of the arteries and it supplies oxygenated blood to various organs of the human body. Mainly blood pressure depends on the rate and strength of the contraction of the heart. The pumping of the blood to arteries exerts pressure during the flow. This pressure is resisted by blood vessels depending on the capability of elasticity of the blood vessels and diameter as well.

A closer look at Hypertension:

The rise and fall of blood pressure also known as hypertension and it mainly depends on the person ability to resist against the same. It is also dependent on the physical and emotional activities of an individual. It is usually automatically controlled by the nervous system. Emotional stress sometimes causes increased blood pressure. It is also controlled by different types of body hormones. Hormone produced by the kidneys known as Angiotensin. Whereas, the other hormone secreted by adrenal glands is known as Aldosterone and it is mainly responsible for the increase in the resistance in blood vessels.

Generally different fluids which are secreted by the kidneys and adrenal glands gain stress by increasing blood resistance

Systolic and diastolic are supposed to be the commonly measured blood pressures. When the heart contracts its exerts pressure on blood vessels known as systolic pressure and when it relaxes during beat and forces pressure on blood vessels known as diastolic pressure. The unit in which blood pressure usually measured is known as millimeters in mercury. It is usually expressed in the way of systolic pressure over a diastolic pressure.


Mainly the classification of blood pressure is based on the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute recommendations. The level of measuring blood pressure is categorized by the National Joint Committee. It basically categorizes in four ways, first its prevention, detection, evaluation and its treatment which is being suggested. The level of blood pressure varies with respect to the person’s age, physical health and other factors like diet condition.


The treatment of blood pressure can be easily done by consulting a doctor and taking proper medications. In early stages, it can be controlled by changing your life style. Taking healthy meal and including light exercise in your daily life can be helpful in controlling blood pressure. By reducing consumption of alcohol, one can helpful to control blood pressure. From the research it has been observed that by losing weight blood pressure can be easily controlled.

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