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What is Heartburn its symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

What is Heartburn its symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

Heartburn is a common health problem found among most of the people. As it named heartburn, which does not means that it is related to heart. Basically, it is a condition which is caused by stomach acid. It is mainly caused in the esophagus and is quite frequent in regards to daily life. It also accomplished with the other underlying diseases.  The food is ingested and then swallowed from the mouth and enters into the stomach. As it enters into the mouth, it reaches to a long hollow tube known as esophagus. Having frequent heartburn condition might be leading to the serious condition known as GERD, which is a gastro esophageal reflex disease.

Causes and Symptoms of heartburn

Heart burn is a common problem which may occurs after overeating or eating any kind of spicy food item. Mainly it is caused by the acid regurgitation. It is called heartburn as it is closer to heart. Primarily it is caused by the type of food which is taken. Upon eating unhealthy food items, this condition becomes more severe. Acid Reflux disease is also another symptom of heartburn.


Heartburn is mainly characterized by the presence of acid in the human stomach. It can get in worse situation sometimes. The symptoms which are related to heartburn included pain in the chest, difficulty in the swallowing, throat burning, taste of sour or feeling acidic tasty fluid in the throat. When the food is ingested, it enters in the stomach then it is absorbed by the action of different acids which are produced in the stomach. Many of the acids are released in the stomach which breaks down the food particles into smaller pieces. However, sometimes the sphincters exist in the esophagus do not allow food to come closer or tightens more enough which can lead back to the esophagus. This will lead to the great damage and thus causes the feeling of heartburn. This is all depending on the working of the lower esophageal sphincters.

These symptoms should be noticed on regular basis and if they are persisted, then you need to contact your doctor in order to prevent any kind of chronic illnesses. There are several tests which are carrying presence of heartburn. Sometime endoscopy is done to diagnose the severity of the problem and in some of the cases monitoring of the pH level is determine.

Treatment of Heartburn by home Remedies and Drugs

The treatment of the heart burn varies upon the severity of the heartburn problem. It may be treated simply by avoiding that kind of junk or very spicy food which contains high content of any acid or spice. It can be avoided simply by changing the lifestyles like omit the eating before sleeping at night or overeating habits. It mainly depends upon the dietary factors.

For the treatment of the heartburn, there are different drugs that can be used and some of the problems can also be overcome by home remedies.

Some of the antacids are suggested by the doctors. They can neutralize the action of acids in the stomach. However, in some of the cases surgery is also suggested by the doctors.

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