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Ten Vitamin B Rich Foods

Ten Vitamin B Rich Foods

Vitamin B is one of the most important components of food. There are certain foods which are much rich in vitamin B, whether it is vitamin B-6 or B-12. Intake of these foods are beneficial in many ways for human body as every single type of vitamin B serves a unique function in the body. In order to have a balance amount of vitamin B it is necessary to have such a diet which contain both vitamin B-6 and B-12, as these two are the most important ones.

Vitamin B-6: It is also pyridoxine, pyridoxal, or pyridoxamine. Vitamin B-6 is water soluble and its presence in the body is necessary for the proper maintenance of red blood cells metabolism as it is responsible for creation and smooth flow of red blood cells in the body. It is also necessary for nervous and immune system of the body.

Following are some of the foods which are rich in vitamin B-6.

1-Wheat: wheat is a great source of providing vitamin B-6. In order to get full advantage of it, it is suggested that wheat be eaten in whole foods like wheat bread etc. 100gm of  whole wheat contains about 70mg of vitamin which makes the biggest proportion of any food component.


2-Dried herbs and spices: Dried herbs and spices are also great sources of vitamin B-6. Although, these foods are not used in a large quantity in our daily diet, very little amount of dried herbs and spices can provide you with ample amount of vitamin B-6.


3-Pistachios: Apart from being delicious, pistachios are very healthy in the sense that it contains a great amount of vitamin B-6. 100gm of pistachios contains about 1.7mg of vitamin B-6.


4-Garlic: Raw garlic is another whole food which is highly rich in vitamin B-6. 100gm of raw garlic provides almost 1.25mg of vitamin B-6.

5-Liver: Liver is rich in vitamin B-6 but at the other hand it is also rich in cholesterol. So, one should not rely much on liver for getting vitamin B-6. 100gm of liver contains 0.85mg of vitamin B-6


Vitamin B-12: It is also called Cobalamin. It is the most complex of all types of vitamin B. its deficiency can lead to wide range of problems such as, anemia, fatigue, mania, and depression. A long term deficiency of vitamin B-12 can also cause brain damage. It is extremely beneficial for nervous system of the body.

Following are some of the foods which are rich in vitamin B-12.

 1-Fish: Fish provides a great amount of vitamin B-12. Diet which contains 200gm of fish fulfills more than 50% of vitamin B-12 requirement in the body.

2-Crab and Lobster: Crab and lobster are considered to be purist foods for providing vitamin B-12. 100gm of crab contains 11.5μg of vitamin B-12, while 100gm of lobster contains about 8.7μg of vitamin B-12.

3-Mutton: Mutton also provides a great deal of vitamin B-12 which satisfies a great proportion of vitamin B-12 requirement if taken on regular basis. 100gm of meat contains about 3.5μg of vitamin B-12.

4-Eggs: Egg is probably the most used food n daily basis and extremely rich in vitamin B-12. 100gm of eggs contain 2.1μg of vitamin B-12.

5-Cheese: Cheese contains a great amount of vitamin B-12. While it is also rich in cholesterol, if taken on regular basis along with some physical activity on daily basis it is much beneficial then. 100gm of cheese contains 1.8μg of vitamin B-12.

Taking a right amount of various type of vitamins help you avoid many health problems. The above mentioned foods are highly rich in vitamin B and their intake on daily basis can surely fulfill the required amount energy for your body. Subscribe to our RSS feed for tips on staying healthy.



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