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Top Pregnant Celebrities of 2012 -2013

Here is an infographic that shows the sudden baby boom happening in global celebrity circles. It is a comprehensive list of all the actresses, singers and models who have announced their pregnancies and new mommy status during the year. It gives you the names of all the latest moms in tinsel town and additional information on first time mommies and ... Read More »

Side Effects of Tummy Tuck on the Future Pregnancy

Many women who want to undergo tummy tuck have a lot of concerns about its potential side effects on the future pregnancy. Most of the women undergoing tummy tuck are well aware of the fact that their future pregnancy can possibly jeopardize their tummy tuck. Keeping this potential risk, women usually tend to undergo tummy tuck after desired childbearing years. ... Read More »

Ten Causes of Miscarriage

Medically, miscarriage is defined as the loss of undeveloped fetus or pregnancy before 24 weeks. There are a lot of different risk factors which can cause a miscarriage. Some of these causes can be handled while others are beyond humans` control and cannot be coped with. While there is a wide range of different causes of miscarriages, some of the ... Read More »

Ten Best Foods to Overcome Vitamin A Deficiency

Deficiency of vitamin A can cause many diseases such as rickets, beriberi, pancreatic disorders, and inflammatory disorders. Intake of Vitamin A rich foods is the best way to overcome its deficiency. Symptoms of vitamin A deficiency include itching of eyelids, getting dry of respiratory track and throat, and sometimes malfunctioning of digestive system. A prolong deficiency of vitamin A can ... Read More »

How to Reduce Weight Quickly After Child Birth or Post Pregnancy

Reducing weight after child birth is one of the key problems that women face around the globe. The desire of reducing weight quickly after child birth has inspired a lot of women to resort to different strategies. It is natural for most of the women to gain weight during pregnancy but it becomes a real problem if this weight sustains ... Read More »

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