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How to Get a Perfect Vintage Wave

Nowadays vintage wave is one of the recent and most popular hairstyles. Every woman wants to get a perfect vintage wave that could add to their beauty. While different hairdressers use their techniques for making vintage waves, you can do it on your own too. Being a perfect hairstyle for events like wedding and prom season, vintage wave saves you ... Read More »

How to Create Bubbles in the Hair

  With tremendous increase in emerging different hairstyles, creating bubbles in the hair has gotten much more popularity. A large number of women are opting for bubbles hairstyles and hence to create bubbles in their hair, women resort to different techniques. The recent popularity in bubble hairstyle can also be linked with its popularity among many celebrities like Angelina Jolie, ... Read More »

Why Oxygen Facial is a Better Anti Aging Procedure

More and more people are opting for different facial surgeries to overcome their age-related skin problems. Oxygen facial is a better anti-aging procedure in many ways. With the increasing concern for their increasing age and different skin that it accompanies, a large number of people are looking for such cosmetic procedures which provide them with more natural look. Cosmetic procedures ... Read More »

Face Lift Surgery and Risk Associated

Risks associated with face lift surgery are more or less the same as they are associated with any other cosmetic surgical procedure. However, there exist certain risks which are specific to face lifting surgical procedure. Hence, just like carrying out any surgical procedure it is necessary to consider all potential risks that are associated with face lifting before undergoing surgery. ... Read More »

How To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

Big, Bigger and Brightest, who doesn’t want popping eyes, when it comes to enhancing your eyes we all know it takes more than just applying the shadow to your lid. Celebrities from Kate Moss to Megan Fox are in extreme flavor of painting their eyes bigger but with style. The liner and mascara effect work well in evening, but what ... Read More »

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