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Reasons Why Women Should Not Opt for Vaginal Tightening Surgery

Reasons Why Women Should Not Opt for Vaginal Tightening Surgery

In the past few years more and more women are opting for vaginal tightening surgeries but there are ample reasons why one should not opt for it. Thousands of women spend a large amount of money each year on virginal tightening surgeries with not always ending up getting the desired results. Vaginal tightening, which is called vaginoplasty or vaginal rejuvenation in medical terms, include a number of different procedures like, getting labia small, tightening vaginal canal, or in some cases getting hymen tightened. Different women undergo vaginal tightening surgeries for myriad different reasons which range from personal choice of beautification to inevitable medical reasons. However, whatever is the reason for carrying out vaginal tightening surgery, one thing is certain that it is not a safer option.

Following are a few reasons why one should not opt for vaginal tightening surgery.

1-Badly affects nerves and vascular bundles: Genitals and specially pelvic region of the body is much rich in nerves and vascular bundles which are important not only for reproductive system but also for urinal system of the body. Undergoing vaginal tightening surgery carries the risk of badly affecting these nerves and vascular bundles. Any injury, even a minimal harm, to these nerves and vascular bundles can greatly damage the whole reproduction system of the body.

2- Damaging sexual response: Some women opt for vaginal tightening surgery for the sake of improving their sexual response that is; getting more out of their sexual experience. However, in most of the cases just opposite of that occurs. Vaginal tightening surgery runs the risk of creating many sexual dysfunctions which can be long lasting in some cases.

3- Ineffectivess of the injected filling agent: Vaginal tightening procedure includes filling of certain spots around the walls of vagina which makes it tight. However, new medical research carried out by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists shows that there is no clear indication of the effectiveness of the filling agent. According to this research, though the filling agent may work temporarily it is ineffective in long term and may cause certain medical problems related to reproduction system.

4- Painful procedure: Vaginal tightening surgery is considered to be one of the painful cosmetic procedures. As mentioned above the presence of vascular bundles and nerves along with delicate body tissues in the pelvic region make the whole procedure of vaginal tightening a painful experience. Aside from being painful, vaginal tightening surgery also runs the risk of infection which in turn can be much detrimental to the whole sexual and reproductive system.

5- Long term recovery: Again, due to the presence of vascular bundles and nerves in the pelvic region vaginal tightening surgery takes up a long time to recover.

Alternative ways:

There are a lot of alternative ways to achieve the same goal of that vaginal tightening surgery. The painful procedure can be avoided by keeping a proper diet and physical activity. Along with this, a lot of medicines are available in the market for this purpose, especially creams which potentially have fewer side effects and risks as compare to surgery.

Conclusion: It is important for women to comprehend all the potential risks associated with such cosmetic procedures as for most of procedure there is no scientific evidence which could suggest their benefits.  The above mentioned risks are just a few of many associated with vaginal tightening surgery, however, these can be rational reasons for anyone not to opt for vaginal tightening surgery.


  1. Really nice article and yes all the women will be worried about how to tighten loose vagina after child birth, it is a fact. Doing kagel exercises are very useful in this way.

  2. Thanks for this article. You can totally use herbal pills to recover and it actually works! I used Vagifirm and thank God did not go down the surgery route!

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