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Potential Impacts of Breast Augmentation on Breastfeeding

Potential Impacts of Breast Augmentation on Breastfeeding

For many women breast augmentation brings many negative impacts on their breastfeeding ability. In the last few years surgeries for breast augmentation have become wide spread and now more and more women are opting for it. However, not many women are aware of some of the potential negative impacts that breast augmentation surgery may bring along. Most women come to realize these impacts after their child birth, when they need to breastfeed their babies. Before undergoing any kind of breast augmentation surgery it is important to take into consideration all the possible negative impacts that the surgery may bring along.

Impact of breast augmentation on breastfeeding

Some of the negative impacts of breast augmentation on breastfeeding: Breast augmentation may have many different negative impacts on the breastfeeding process. These include reduction in milk supply, pain in the breasts during breastfeeding, infection, mastitis, engorgement, or worse of all, halt in milk flow. Any of these can happen singly or in combination with others. These problems are discussed below in detail.

1-Reduction in Milk Supply:  This is one of the common problems that women face after carrying out breast augmentation surgery. This is caused by the either the contraction of milk carrying veins or the silicon plate imbedded in the breast may halt the flow of milk. In either case the mother`s milk supply gets reduced. In most of the cases it is the silicon plate which gets in the way of milk and hence disturbs its flow.

2-Pain in the Breasts during Breastfeeding: This may occur if the silicon implantation had not been carried out properly. That is to say, if the silicon has been implanted loosely then it may be displace of its own position which will cause pain in the breast. This pain can become more sever and in some cases noticeable only during breastfeeding because at that time the veins need to push out to make room for the milk flow. This leads to pain in the breast during breastfeeding.

3-Infection: As mentioned above the silicon implantation can cause pain in the breasts, which further is a source of infection in the breasts. This infection, again, has close connection with the breastfeeding process as the more veins carry milk the more are the chances of having an infection.

4- Mastitis: The inflammation of breasts is known as mastitis. Breast augmentation surgery can cause the breast to become inflamed during breastfeeding. The silicone-filled gel is especially more detrimental and readily cause mastitis. If the silicone gel comes in direct contact with the milk-carrying veins it can cause the breasts to get hot, red, hard and inflamed.

5- Engorgement: Breast augmentation surgery can also lead breast engorgement, which is overfilling of the breasts along with pain. Though engorgement can be caused by many other things but sometimes breast augmentation may also lead to it. In such case, engorgement may occur due to either blockade of milk-carrying veins or by potential mixing of silicone gel with milk. However, in both cases the engorgement may be much painful and can also lead some serious infections.

Conclusion: Whatever is the impact of breast augmentation on breastfeeding, it is important to bear in mind that a slightest impact can lead to a serious complication and in worse to breast cancer. Hence it is essential to consider all the potential negative impacts of breast augmentation on breastfeeding before conducting the surgery. This will certainly lead to an informed and a wise decision.

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