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Nail Trends in 2013 and How to Get Them

Nail Trends in 2013 and How to Get Them

The year 2013 has brought some new and excited nail trends. It has added much to nail styling and manicuring and every woman wants to know how to get these new nail trends. A wide range of nail styles are popping up every month which offer new and unique looks. With the pace of emerging new nail trends most women find it hard to catch on techniques for getting them. If you too want to adopt some of these new nail trends but are finding it hard how to get them you do not need to worry because it is here where you will find all about these new trends nail and their techniques.

Here is a small list of some the most popular nail trends of 2013 and how you can get them on your own.   

1-Two-Tone French Manicure

This is kind of plane nail design. It is a best match for all sort of occasions from Valentine`s Day to Christmas.  It is much easy to get it. All you need to do is to paint your nail any color of your own choice and leave it up to dry. After your nails get dry add French tip to them with the help of contrasting polish.

2-Sideways French Mani

This design is all about adding stripes to your nails. In order to get it, paint your nail with your favorite color and later on mark stripes on it of different color from that of the earlier one. The stripes must be vertical and you can either draw them on the right or left side of your nails. Bright color stripes are much better than light color ones.

3- One-Of-A-Kind French Tips

In this design the traditional white tips are replaced with any other color. You can either paint the nail tips with a different color or you may want to wrap it in funky. Some women also like to have polka-dots tips while others prefer bejeweled tips that look amazing.

4-Colored Metallic Nails

In this design nails are jazzed up with metallic polishes in different colors such as blue, red, and purple. Colored metallic nails are perfect match for black dress as it makes it appear more prominent.

5-Vibrant Orange

Vibrant orange is a more recent nail design and it is perfect for vacationing. As the days get warmer this design is more likely to surge up. It gives you a daring look. You can get it by painting your nails in shades of orange like tangerine.

6-Real Gold Top Coats

It is relatively expensive than typical topcoat for nails but it is completely worth its cost. Applying gold flake topcoat on your nails will do the job for you. It gives a glitzy appearance to your nails. If getting it on your all nails seem unaffordable you can get it on your ring finger as most of the women are opting for this option.

7-Half Moon Manicure


Half Moon manicure is a good match for formal events or cocktail parties. To get this style, paint your nails and let them dry up. Then, cover the bottom half of each nail with a circle shapes. You can also make it semi-circles if you want. Now apply a different color coat to the covering and let it dry.

With many new trends it has brought along, 2013 seems to be the year of nails. For latest trends in Nail stay tuned to HealthCosmic .

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