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Life Coaching Journal

Life Coaching Journal

I have a confession to make… I have always been very interested in analysing their behaviour and search deeply for answers why they did or said something.  This passion made me very curious but also very sensitive.

The very first time I heard about life coaching I was intrigued and the main reason for this was because the gentleman talking about it was very much against the whole idea of it. Well, I thought, you have got my attention. His explanation was that people do not need coaching because they should know what they want in life. I didn’t.  At the time I was just living my life- earning good money, travelling and helping people. I was happy, but life coaching made me want more from life- made me hungry to learn more and to do more. I wanted to find a purpose in life.

With this all in mind I decided to find out more about life coaching. What is it? Where did it come from? What are the origins of coaching? Curiosity kicked in and this is what I found out…

Coaching came from the world of professional sports. The managers and trainers of sportsmen and women who wanted to become champions began to recognise that achieving goals was as much about self-belief and a positive mental attitude as it was about natural talent and technique.

So, how can sports coaching help people in their ordinary life? After doing some research I defined what life coaching means to me. It is a great way of giving you a unique opportunity to talk about your dreams, aspirations and goals in life. A life coach is someone who is going to be on your side, guiding you and keeping you motivated all the way. Life coaching is essential when you recognise that there is something in your life that you want to improve or develop and you are ready to seek help to facilitate this change.

You know when people say ‘You have only got one life and you should live it to its fullest’? Well, that is what I started doing. I learnt that my attitude towards situations and people depends entirely on me and therefore they cannot hurt me without my permission. I started setting goals in life and that helped me to appreciate what I have achieved and what can still be achieved. Simply brainstorming ideas and writing them on a piece of paper gave me a clear understanding of what I really wanted in life.

This story is not unique… I meet more and more people who feel lost and who live under enormous pressure from society, work and even their loved ones. But now I know that there is a solution for all that. I know that because I went through that journey myself and I really enjoy where I am now. I enjoy life and I share my enthusiasm for it with people who I work with.

About The Author

I am a qualified life coach and NLP Practitioner and I specialize in motivating people to reach their full potential and achieve their desired goals. Sylwia Borek, Business and Personal Development Coach

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