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Job Position for Dentist at Community Unity Care in Austin, Texas

Job Position for Dentist at Community Unity Care in Austin, Texas

Community Unity Care is dynamic dental health services providing company. We strive to provide the best possible dental care. We seek dentists who have passion to work in a competitive professional environment.

Job Details

Post: Dentist

State: Texas

City: Austin

Job posting date: February 3, 2013

Dentist job opportunity in Austin texas

Purpose of the job:

Providing routine dental care along with related treatments to patient under the supervision of Chief Medical Officer in a community healthcare setting.

Reporting Chief Medical Officer and Dental Practice Lead

No supervision task is to be carried out by the position holder

Responsibilities and Duties:

Performing clinical dental services for patients which include examination of the patients, treatment, minor oral surgeries, oral cancer screenings, pit and fissures sealants, full and partial denture, bonded restorations, extraction and limited root canal therapy.

Providing complete and accurate reporting on patients` along with keeping contact with patient and other health care providers.

Keeping record of patients` follow-up procedures.

Instructing clients about the proper practices of dental hygiene and providing treatments.

Responding to clients` queries and inquiries regarding dental health.

Performing other related duties as assigned.

Knowledge, skills, and abilities:

Must be familiar with all the principles and practices of preventive dentistry

Must have the knowledge of all the state and federal laws regarding dentistry and community health centers

Must have good communicating skills, especially oral,  so as to convey  a message in a understandable way

Skillful in looking for ways to help others

Must have the ability to establish good working relationships

Must be able to carry out any kind of dental services as assigned within the scope of this position

Must have physical ability to carry out different tasks like, lifting things, grasping, feeling, listening, seeing, sitting, and talking

Minimum Education Requirement:

Holder of Doctor of Dentistry degree obtained from any college or university which is accredited by the American Dental Association.

Must have current unrestricted license obtained within the state of Texas to practice dentistry. The license must be issued by Board Certification in Dentistry and must be approved by Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) along with department of Public Life Support.

Working Environment:

  • A confined work place which intends to keep the patients and the staff safe from all kind of contagious diseases
  • A workplace where equal opportunities are provided to all the employers without any regard to their race, ethnicity, and religion
  • A drug-free workplace environment
  • Before accepting into our organization all candidates are required to take criminal drug background test which is conducted by the  organization
  • Our organization participates in E-VERIFY program through which many of our employers get the chance to get work eligibility in the United States.

 Benefits of the Position:

  • This job intends to provide the following benefits
  • Highly skilled staff
  • Excellent life facilities
  • Cutting edge dental equipment
  • Well-reputed practice along with excellent relations in the dental community
  • Easy path to future partnership
  • Opportunity to get involved with other states dental health care providers
  • Remarkable earning potential

Apply for the Job:

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