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How to Overcome Insomnia or Sleep Disorder

How to Overcome Insomnia or Sleep Disorder

Insomnia or sleep disorder is the inability to sleep well or with the usual pattern. A person suffering from insomnia feels discomfort and cannot sleep properly. Many people suffer from insomnia in which they feel tired or cannot sleep without taking pills. Lets find a way to overcome sleep disorder. Let’s briefly discuss how to overcome insomnia.

In order to overcome your sleep disorder you need to know what sort of disorder you are suffering from. You have to know what mood you are in and what sort of problems you face each day. Mostly when people are in depression or some sort of tension they tend to face sleep disorder.

To overcome insomnia you need to follow few tips:

1- Get into bed an hour earlier than usual

Getting into bed earlier will make you feel relax and you would start thinking of all of the things that you have done or you want to do. This will slowly make you bore and you will go to sleep.

2- Get a warm bath

Before going to bed make sure that you get a warm bath in which you relax in water for more than 20 minutes. This releases all your worries

3- Drink something warm (not coffee or tea)

Take something warm to bed and drink it before lying down. It helps you get a really good sleep.

4- Remove everything that discomforts you

Clean your room and remove all of the things from your bed that make you feel uncomfortable. You can change your pillow if it does not give you the sleep you want and have a soft one that makes you feel relaxed.

5- End all the noise

Before going to bed make sure that anything that is noisy should be given away. Even if someone in your room snores, change your room and make sure that you are in room where there is pin drop silence. That way you are able to have more sleep which is relaxing.

6- Remove all thoughts from mind

Before entering bed remove all the thoughts that you have in your mind. Stop thinking about what will happen or what has happened, just focus on having rest. Make sure that you have a really peaceful sleep.

7- Read or write

If you can’t sleep start reading a novel which is boring or write something that makes you feel sleepy. There are many things that make you sleepy when you are reading.

If nothing works, you need to find a doctor and tell them your situation. You can easily overcome insomnia if you release all your tensions and make yourself believe that nothing will go wrong. Depression leads to insomnia and taking a lot of tension stops you from having good night’s sleeps. Try to remove every thought from your mind when it comes to sleeping.

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