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How to Make Discolored Parts of Facial Skin Lighter

How to Make Discolored Parts of Facial Skin Lighter

Having discolored facial skin is one the major concerns of women and everyone wants to get rid of it by making it lighter. A discolored spot even of the smallest size on face can make the whole face look bad. Being the most exposed part of the body it is essential to keep the facial skin fair and clean.

 Reasons: Generally discolored portions are in the form of small dark spots. There can be various reasons for facial skin discoloration. It can appear due to many different skin disorders which leave dark spots on the face like acnes, pimples, and freckles. These dark spots can also appear as a result of some disease like skin cancer, hyperpigmentation, hemochromatosis, liver diseases, and some cases due to pregnancy and skin surgeries. Along with this, greater exposure to polluted air, sun rays, and overuse of make-up can also contribute to discoloration of facial skin

 Treatment- Making discolored parts lighter:  Regardless of the reason of discoloration of facial skin, having discolored facial skin is an upsetting thing and everyone wants to make discolored parts lighter. Luckily discolored facial skin can be cured and people try out many different techniques to get rid of discolored skin and regain a fair and smooth skin. Here are some of the best remedies that can be used to get a lighter skin out of discolored skin. The good thing about these remedies is that these can be made at home. Along with this, these remedies do not have any side effects as they are made of non-chemical things.

 1- Exfoliation: Exfoliation is the best way to treat discolored facial skin. It eradicates all the dead cells of discolored portion of the skin and hence makes it appeared lighter. This technique involves applying a paste made up of grounded almonds, oatmeal, milk and sugar. Make a paste of all these ingredients with an equal proportion of them. Place the paste in open air for ten to twenty minutes so that the ingredients get some oxygen. Afterwards apply the paste to discolored parts of the skin and keep rubbing the skin until the paste gets absorbed well in the skin. After applying the paste do not expose your skin to sun or water for an hour. With carrying out this technique for fifteen days consistently you will notice a drastic change in your skin.

2- Lemon Juice: Applying lemon juice to the discolored facial skin can help you achieve lighter skin in a few days. Lemon juice is especially good for discolored skin caused by skin problems like, acnes and pimples etc.

3- Vinegar Juice: Vinegar juice is also a good remedy for making discolored skin lighter. Washing face with vinegar juice can remove long-term dark spots of skin.

4- Orange peels: Paste of grounded orange peels mixed with water is another simple and easy remedy that can be used to get rid of discolored skin. Orange and lemon are rich in vitamin C and hence they are especially good for cancerous skin spots.

5- Bleaching and using sunscreens: It is a good idea to bleach your skin with different creams once in a month. This helps washing up skin germs and keeps it protected. Along with this, if your skin is exposed to the sun on daily basis then it is better to use sunscreens which block the harmful sunrays that can damage your skin.

6- Good diet:  keeping a good diet which can provide your skin all the energy is the easiest way to make your discolored facial skin lighter. Fruits and vegetable which are rich in vitamin E, like mango, papaya, blueberry, and,   must be part of your diet.

Conclusion:   To sum it up, discolored facial skin is not only annoying but also undermines one`s personality as it is the most exposed part of the body. A lot of different techniques can be used to make the discolored facial skin lighter, however, using house-made remedies is the best way to go for it as remedies are not only easy to make but also have minimum chances to have any kind of side effects.

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