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How to Get Orange Wedge Nails

How to Get Orange Wedge Nails

Getting orange wedge nails has been in for a while now and many women are choosing to get it. However, not many women know how they can get orange wedge nails. If you like to have orange wedge nails but do not know how you can get it on your own then you are at the right place because here you will learn stepwise technique of getting perfect orange wedge nails. Just follow the steps given below.

Step 1: Cleanup your nails before you get start with getting orange wedge.

Step 2: Now apply a thin layer of Shellac Base coat and leave it for some time to dry.

Step 3: Now you will create shape of the orange wedge with a hollow look. Use yellow color for this purpose and make sure you keep it lighter.

Step 4:  Next you need to go deeper with the help of a thin brush to add darker colored semicircle around the edge of the nails. Make sure the semicircle does not overlap with the nails edges. Also, it must be distinct enough from the edges to be recognized well.

Step 5:  Now it is the time for you to fill in the hollow orange shape while leaving a track around the edge. It`s okay if you do not get a smoothened texture at this point because you still have got to a topcoat to do later on that will cover up the rough patches of the nails.

Step 6: Now take the white color and start adding layers of fine lines to the orange shape. Use a thin and soft fur rush for this purpose so the coat from lines does not overspill to the semicircle or edges of the nails.  Leave out an eye shape in the middle and also blunt curves around edges of the lines. Leaving out jagged corners look dull so make sure you make the corners as softer as possible.

Step 7: Now add some yellow lines to the orange shape to make it look like a complete orange. Once again use tiny soft brush for this purpose so the lines would not spill out and overlap with the others.

Step 8: After you are done with the lines take a coat of Seche Vite and sealed the shape for some time so it would get in a perfect shape.

Step 9: You are almost done. Now you just need to clean up the edges with the help of orangewood stick and some nail polish remover.  Remember you can use any kind of color scheme to create a customized shape of anything on your nails. However, the good news is that the basic technique remains the same.

Orange wedge nails are popular especially among young age women. Most of the women, however, need to go to their stylists to get orange wedge nails as they do not know how they can get them on their own. But as evident from the above mentioned steps it is not as difficult as most think. So save yourself time and money and get down to getting orange wedge nails on your own by following the steps given above.

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