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How to Get Groovy Tie Dye Nails

How to Get Groovy Tie Dye Nails

The groovy tie-dye nail design is got by mixing CND additives with Brisa gel. This gives nails a whole new and beautiful look. The mixture also makes the nails appear brighter than before. It is much easier design that you can get on your own with very little effort and time. A number of different techniques are available to get groovy tie-dye nails. You can choose any technique you want based on your preferences of different looks that these different techniques offer. However you can always choose to get your own customized groovy tie-dye nails by selecting not only your own signature color but also the textures you like. Primarily, additive colors come in three different categories. These categories include, pigments like bright red, black, yellow and green and pigment effects such as cerulean blue, haute pink, antique bronze, violet pearl, and titanium pearl. Some other effects that you can choose from are pink gold sparkle, green gold sparkle, and spectrum shimmer. Having selected all these you can go on getting groovy tie-dye nails by following the following easy steps.

STEP 1: Clean up your nails thoroughly before applying any kind of paint to them.

STEP 2: Now apply CND clear tip and Brisa clear gel to your nails.

STEP 3: Now take pure white color brisa paint and apply two layers of it over the entire nail. Leave your nails for two to three minutes to dry.

STEP 4: Make a mixture of additives brisa gloss and brisa pure white in ratio of 2:1. Choose your own colors for the mixture. Take a spatula and stir the mixture together gently until the colors are thoroughly mixed. Be careful with stirring the mixture so as no bubbles are made otherwise the mixture would not stick very well to the nails.

STEP 5: Now take a flat oval brush and gently apply the eclectic mixture to the nails. Paint the nails from side-to-side to create the design of your own choice. You can also add some more colors for painting tips of the nails. However, it will be much better to use light colors in case you want to add new colors for painting tips of the nails. Leave the nails for 10 minutes to dry.

STEP 6: Now you need to apply hot pink gel in the same side-side way. The pink gel should overlap with the painted mixture so it will appear like stripes on the nails. After applying the blue gel you again need to leave your nails to get dry.

 STEP 7: Next it is time to apply bright yellow gel again overlapping with the other two coats you just applied. And as before, leave the nails to dry.

With a lot of different design possibilities groovy tie-dye nails give you the liberty to choose your own colors for the coating mixture and also pick up your own textures for the nails. With this liberty, groovy tie-dye design has evolved to a great extent with numerous different designs. Steps mentioned here are for getting the basic groovy tie-dye design and you can always play with it to make it different.

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