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How to Determine Eyebrow Length

How to Determine Eyebrow Length

Determining eyebrows length can be as hard as getting them in a perfect shape. How can one aptly determine one`s eyebrows length depend much on the conception of what is the right length of eyebrows. However, the fact is that majority of women over think about their eyebrows length. Still, to be careful about one`s eyebrows length is a genuine concern of women as it does have an impact on your overall looks strayed and arch positioned eyebrows are considered to be perfect. And hence any shorter or longer eyebrows look dull and completely unattractive. Acknowledging the fact that eyebrows of right length play an important role in the beauty, women need to be more cautious with determining their eyebrows in a right way. In order to get matching and perfect eyebrows you ought to make sure that both the eyebrows are not only of same length but also have matching width.

Perfect eye brows: Main problem of majority of women is to know where the arch of their eyebrow is. The start, end, and arch of your eyebrows depend much on your facial structure. Perfect eyebrows are thought to be those in which the space between brows is equal or a little wider than your eyes. You can determine length of your eyebrows by following the steps given below.

Things you would need: In order to determine length of your eye brows you will need a pencil, a makeup brush, and a ruler.

Start of the Eyebrows: Take the makeup brush and hold it parallel to the nose in such a way that it is aligned to the bottom tip of the nose. The end of the brush that touches your brows is where your brows should start.

Arch of the eyebrows: Now to find arch of the eyebrows hold the makeup brush across the pupil of the eye. Make sure the brush passes through the pupil right in the middle. The spot of the eyebrow that is touched by the brush is ideal arch spot for your eye brow.

End of the eyebrows: Now to get the ending of your eyebrows just extend the makeup brush diagonally from the nose to the edge of the brows.  Align the brush with bottom tip of the nose while stretching the brush out to the corner of the eye. Make sure you spot on corner of the eye correctly otherwise you can end up getting short or long eyebrows. The spot which is touched by the brush is where your eye brow should end. And you are done with determining length of your eyebrows.

Now you do not need to go to salon just to get your eyebrows length determined. You have got the technique of how you can do it on your own without anyone else`s help. Still, if you find it hard to mark your arch, as most of the women do, you can grow your brows long and that will help you identifying the right spot for arch. Subscribe to our RSS feed for latest beauty tips.

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