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How to Create Bubbles in the Hair

How to Create Bubbles in the Hair


With tremendous increase in emerging different hairstyles, creating bubbles in the hair has gotten much more popularity. A large number of women are opting for bubbles hairstyles and hence to create bubbles in their hair, women resort to different techniques. The recent popularity in bubble hairstyle can also be linked with its popularity among many celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Keira Knightly, and Emma Watson. Bubble hairstyle is much better for occasions like wedding and birthday parties. However, celebrities have been using it for red carpet events also, which makes it much more widespread among women of all ages. Although bubble hairstyle looks much complex, it is surprisingly easier thing to do. It can, however, be difficult to create bubbles in your hair on your own but still doing it in salon would not take much of your time.

How to do it: As mentioned earlier creating bubbles in the hair is a simple and easy task to do. If you want to create it on your own you can follow the following steps.

1- Comb your hair thoroughly so that no strangle remain in it. Sideways or downwards combing is more effective that would make it easy for you to lump up hair for bubbles later on.

2- After you combing your hair and making it smoother, apply any thermal styling product on it. It will help you protect strands of hair. Make sure you apply thermal styling product thoroughly and the base and tips of hair get enough of it.

3- Leave your hair in open air for two to three minutes to dry up. Now texturize your entire head with the help of crimper or texture iron. Once again, make sure that you have done texturized your hair thoroughly because it is the foundational step for bubbles making and without proper texturing it would be  hard to create bubbles. Along with this, a good texturing will give your hair bubbles a fuller look and hence will make them appear solid.

4- Now create six sections of your hair into ponytail shape with each side of your head having three sections of ponytails.

 5- Take elastic bands and place them around each ponytail with 2 to 3 inches gap in-between them. Especially, the elastic band should cover tips of the hair so that it does not go loose.

6- Hold up hair from the end of each ponytail and push each elastic band toward the next one so that they make a joint and hair will roll around the elastic bands. At this stage you will see that bubbles are started to appear in your hair.

7- If you want to create bigger bubbles then make joints by pushing elastic bands leaving one in-between. Similarly, if you want to create bubbles of smaller size then do not skip any elastic band in-between and push them all in a row.

 8- Repeat this until you reach the scalp and each ponytail appears separated.

9- After all the ponytails are bubbled, pin them together and tuck the ends.

10- You are done with creating hair bubbles. It is better you use hairspray at the end that will keep the bubbles firm.

Bubble hairstyle adds to your overall attractiveness. With above mentioned steps you can easily create bubbles in your hair.

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