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How to Control Baby Strands Along the Hairline

How to Control Baby Strands Along the Hairline

Everyone finds baby strands along the hairline annoying and hence to control it. Baby strands are not only annoying but they also ruin your overall hairstyle. In some cases, they can cost you expensive techniques to get rid of them. Baby strands can emerge both on the front and back side of your head. While having baby strands at the back side of the head is not much of a problem and hence most of the women just go with them. However, the front side baby strands are pretty much annoying along with potential risk of ruining your hairstyle. Hence most of the women are more concern with the front side baby strands as compare to the back side ones.  To control baby strands women resort to different kind of technique that in most of the cases are expensive and not without potential side effects. While it is hard to control your baby strands for permanent, it is possible that you do it in such a way that will have it controlled for a longer time. If you are one of those women who are tired of having baby strands then this post is for you because here you will find how you can control your baby strands.

You just need to follow the following steps.

1-      After having done any kind of hairstyle make sure your hairline is fined and the hair along the line are not too much popped out

2-      do not disturb your hair and leave them be for a while

3-      Now take the baby strands along your hairline and comb them down gently

4-      In order to smoothen the baby strands mist any kind of smoothing lotion over the baby strands along the hairline. Make sure you do not mess your fined hair, just try not to touch your made hair while misting smoothing lotion. Otherwise you will have much more baby strands than you had expected


5-      When the baby strands get damped tilt your head to the opposite side. Now place a comb in front of the baby strands. Use fine tooth comb for this purpose.


6-      Now slowly slide the comb along your scalp passing it through the baby strands. Keep your hair grabbed in the same direction of that of the combing so the baby strands would not spread out

7-      Half way through the baby strands turn the comb over and lock the baby strands

8-      Now take a nozzle and blow into the comb to make sure the baby strands are locked properly and they would not spread out.

9-      After you made sure that the baby strands are locked properly, remove the comb gently so the baby strands do not come off  with it

10-  Keep the baby strands pressed with your hands for a minute so that they get firmed

Baby strands not only undermine the overall hairstyle but also annoy a lot if they get out of control. By following the above mentioned steps you can, however, control them to a large extent. Stay tuned to healthcosmic for more hairstyles.

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