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How to apply mink eyelashes

How to apply mink eyelashes


Mink eye lashes are popular among women and girls because of their dramatic effects and beauty and it’s easy to apply them at home by following some simple tips. These are made with real mink fur and are highly delicate and expensive. One set can easily cost you bound $ 50 or more. They are created with organic hair, so they should be handled carefully to make sure these can be worn as many times as possible.  If you care for them these can be used about 20 times. To apply mink lashes, you need a steady hand and lots of patience.

How to Apply Mink Eyelash Extension

Make sure the eyelids are clean and have no makeup on them. Cleaning is the first step before applying lashes. Use makeup removers for this propose and clean the area thoroughly. Cleaning is essential because glue will notorious stick to the eye if there remain any particles of makeup or lotions etc.

Buy high-quality glue or adhesive to have best results. It should be skin-friendly and not at all harmful to the eye or the area around. It should also not damage delicate mink fibers as well. For colored glue, it must match natural skin tone to look good or it can be light or dark depending upon skin color. Another option is using clear glue that works with all kinds of skin tones and lashes and is totally transparent.  This glue seems fake and can reflect light sometimes, so choose sensibly.


Get tools ready:


You need these things to apply lashes:

  • tweezers
  • toothpick
  • glue
  • small piece of paper
  • tissue paper or waterproof sheet to spread beneath the eye

Lift lashes with the help of tweezers from one side and starting with the inner corner of the eye, set them across natural lashing above the roots of existing eyelashes. When it’s all done, press it lightly upon eyelids to make sure these are glued firmly and nicely. Let it stay for 30 to 45 seconds or more to allow glue get dry completely.

In case, there’s any flaw during the process, oil-based makeup remover can be used to remove lashes and these can be set again.

Finishing the lashes

After you’re done with the process, why not give them an extra lift to look fuller, thicker, dramatic and beautiful. Use a lash curler and press mink extensions in it gently unless it is noticeably curved. The other method is the use of mascara which can be back, clear or colored depending upon current trends, occasion and taste. Glue liquid eyeliner can be applied on the upper lash line.


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