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Fake Eyelashes, a must-have in every party

Fake Eyelashes, a must-have in every party

Today false lashes have become so popular that women can’t imagine attending any party without putting on their set of mink extensions or synthetic variety finished by lash curler, clear mascara or eyeliner which looks stunningly beautiful. If your natural lashes are thin and weak, false eyelashes are the only solution to make them appear thicker and attractive.

Instant results

Nothing can be more rewarding and beautiful than having smiling wide lashes that are curled to perfection to enhance your looks within minutes. Of course, false lashes do wonders and completely transform your eyes especially when rich eye shadow is applied. It becomes even more stylish and center of attention. Most beauty treatments are time-consuming and generate results after days or weeks but lashes are almost immediate and work quickly


Simple procedure

Experts know that beauty procedures are lengthy and hectic for both the beautician as well as client but applying false lashes does not require any technical equipment. All you need is a sterilized tweezer, glue, tissue paper and set of lashes. Mascara, curler and eyeliner are optional items to use after lashes are fully set over lash line.

Beauty at its best

Wearing false lashes makes your eyes look more dramatic, dazzling and eye-catching. In fact, all make over looks dull without them because eyes are the center of attention in every party and everyone first cast glance over them. Wedding, prom night birthday party or any other formal occasion you can wear them comfortably. To enhance beauty instantly, these lashes work great and definitely make you appear stylish than others so you can stand out prominent among the crowd.



False lashes can be modified to suit particular taste, natural lash style and current trend that’s why there’s huge variety available on-line and in traditional stores. Major brands are making many types some have more curls and others have normal curve in it. Some have dense fiber and others have weak to suit all eye shapes and faces. Numerous color choices make them most sought-after beauty accessory today. Their glue or adhesive is also available in different shades but clear one is most widely used because it can go with all types and shapes of lashes. It’s not necessary to use lashes as they are unpacked, these can be trimmed to suit your eyes. To finish off, apply mascara or eyeliner close to the upper lash line. Lifting them with a curler is also good idea to make them appear more wide and curved in shape.

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