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Face Lift Surgery and Risk Associated

Face Lift Surgery and Risk Associated

Risks associated with face lift surgery are more or less the same as they are associated with any other cosmetic surgical procedure. However, there exist certain risks which are specific to face lifting surgical procedure. Hence, just like carrying out any surgical procedure it is necessary to consider all potential risks that are associated with face lifting before undergoing surgery. Below is a list of some of the common risks of face lifting surgery.

1-Swelling: A tremendous amount of swelling can occur immediately following the face lifting surgery. Swelling maybe a normal and natural reaction to any kind of surgical procedure but in case of face lifting surgery it can continue for much longer than generally expected. Swelling in the aftermath of face lift can sometimes proves to be permanent and hence the whole surgical procedure can go in vain.

2-Pain: Many people complain about a long term pain after undergoing face lifting surgery. In most of the cases surgeons recommend different kind of medications for alleviating the pain but more often than not those medications do not work. Pain in the surgical part may also lead to numbness of the face skin. Face pain can be permanent and severe if the surgery carried out has not been done properly. Sometimes the pain is caused by any previously-existed skin problem. Hence it is highly recommended to consult your doctor before undergoing face lifting surgery.

3- Reaction to anesthesia: Because of the delicate nature of facial cells anesthesia and face lifting surgery can have extremely negative reaction to the facial skin. It can make the facial skin inflamed and some cases it can even lead to appearing bruises on the skin.

4- Hematoma: Sometimes bleeding can occur under the skin which may accumulate in certain portions of the skin. This leads to a painful swelling, which is called hematoma. In case of hematoma a separate surgery will be needed to remove the accumulated blood under the skin. If not treated timely, hematoma can lead to permanent numbness of facial cells.

5-Infection: Infection can occur in any kind of surgical procedure, however, in case of face lift certain infection that can occur include inflammation, redness, and swelling. In some cases it can also leave permanent black spot on face and hence causing skin discoloration.

6- Injury of facial nerves: This is one the dangerous side complications of face lift. In such case, nerves that are responsible for facial muscles may get injured during the surgery. Injury to facial nerves can lead to complete disfiguration. This has occurred to many celebrities like, Daryl Hannah, Amanda Lepore, and Joan Van Ark.

Some other risks: Along with above mentioned risks there are some potential risks which can be associated with face lifting surgery. These risks are given below.

  • Face lift surgery may take a longer time than other surgical procedure to heal as it concerns delicate facial cells. For smokers the healing time is much longer as compare to others and can also lead to some other complications.
  • Scares left by the face lifting surgery may remain forever and incurable.
  • In some cases face lifting surgery may cause hair loss. This problem is specific to male patients.
  • It may become difficult for male patients to shave beard after undergoing the surgery.

Conclusion: A wide range of risks are associated with face lift. However, any potential risk also depends on the nature of the patient`s skin. Owing to their skin nature, some people may be more prone to these risks as compare to others.

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