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Different Ways to Get Rebellious Haircut and Color

Different Ways to Get Rebellious Haircut and Color

With evolving time and increase in individual freedom more and more people are opting for hairstyles that look unique. Rebellious haircut and color is also on such list. There are many different ways to get rebellious haircut and color. Most of these ways focus on making the person unique. You can get any kind of rebellious haircut or color that you think would match your interests or ideology. You can embrace elements of your own expression with the help of such rebellious haircut and color. It gives you a look that will make you unique among others and hence gives you a distinctive identity. However, to get a rebellious haircut you must be sure that you really want because it cannot be undone later on like some other haircuts and colors. So, before you opt for it you must know kind of rebellious haircut or a color will suit you best or you want, for that matter. Here you will find different ways in which rebellious haircut can be done.

Technique 1: A horseshoe section is formed from temple to temple. Crown of the head is included in the horseshoe section. Hairs from the top of left ear are taken and are glued to the center of the nape hairline. A rounded line is formed that connects nape hairline with ears. Now horseshoe sections are brought down to the top of the ears. On the right side, about an inch hairs are parted down and are connected horizontally to the front hairline.

Technique 2: In this technique haircut is started from the nap hairline. A vertical section is formed that will leave some hair out. A horseshoe is then formed, which is parted later on up to the center the hair. Now from the center diagonal sections are taken. These diagonal sections are then connected with nape hairline in such a way that no hairs are left out this time. In the end, diagonal sections are rolled up to the right or left ear.

 Technique 3: In this technique the diagonal sections are rolled up and clipped to the nape hairline rather than to the ears. Also horseshoe shape is blended so well so that it does not make appearance in the hair. In some cases when the hair is shaggy, flatness is created in it through the side. This is then drawn toward the bottom.

Technique 4: In this technique concave layers of the hair are made. Starting from the far left, a line is cut down to the nape hairline. Sub-lines of different lengths are then drawn, which connect the concave layer with the main line drawn up to the nape hairline. The hairline is then carved with scissors in such a way that it divides the hair in two equal halves. In the end disconnected hairs are pushed towards either ear.

Color: In order to make your rebellious haircut more unique mostly red color is used for dying. This further makes it unique and attractive. For more tips on salon world stay tuned to healthcosmic.

Rebellious haircut can be achieved through any of the techniques mentioned here. However, it depends on what kind of haircut you want. Red color will further add to the uniqueness of your haircut.

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