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Causes of Bad Breath and How to Overcome Bad Breath

Causes of Bad Breath and How to Overcome Bad Breath

It is said that mouth is the mirror of the human body because it is actually a true reflection of what’s going on in the overall body. So, oral health care is essential in order to remain healthy and a good oral hygiene is a key to fight bad breath. Here we will take a look at the causes of bad breath and give you tips on how to overcome bad breath

Causes of Bad Breath and It’s Effects:

The sulfur producing bacteria that lives on tongue, teeth and around the gums combines with saliva to breakdown the food particles which release smelling gas. This smelly gas is called bad breath. It is also called halitosis. If your mouth remains dry, you have a white coating at the back of your tongue or a burning tongue that means you are suffering from bad breath. It is a common problem and most of the people are affected by it.

Bad breath considered a serious problem from medical point of view. There are many causes of bad breath. It can be the result of poor dental habits or maybe the sign of other health problems. Whatever you eat, it affect your breath because when you eat food  that have strong odors e.g. garlic and onion,  after digestion this strong odor food is absorbed into bloodstream and carried to your lungs and given off in  your breath.  If you don’t brush your teeth regularly the food particles would trap between your teeth and cause bacterial growth and that causes bad breath. Teeth and gum infection are also a source of bad breath. Skipping breakfast, food high in protein, fasting, low carbohydrate diet, alcohol and tobacco products are also the reasons of this problem. Other than that braces, cancers, metabolic disorders, diabetes, liver or kidneys failure are the causes of bad breath. Some medications that are used to treat high blood pressure, urinary problems and psychiatric conditions also cause bad breath. So your poor dental habits and health problems contributed a lot to this problem.

It affects you not only physically, socially but also emotionally. Psychologically, it develops sense of worthlessness.  It crushes the self confidence. It lowers a person’s self-image. It has a negative impact on professional opportunities. People having bad breath face problems to settle relationships because it destroys their relationship with their family and friends.

How to Overcome Bad Breath:

Bad breath is treatable and following are ways in which you can overcome bad breath:

1- Brush twice a day.

2- Brush your tongue.

3- Floss between your teeth.

4- Use a mouthwash after food.

5- Gargling right before bedtime will also help to stop bad breath.

6- If you use dentures then remove them at night.

7- Always have balance diet.

8- Stop smoking.

9-  Stop use of alcohol and tobacco products.

10- Drink lots of water because it will keep your mouth moist.

11- Visit your dentist twice a year.



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