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How to Get a Perfect Vintage Wave

Nowadays vintage wave is one of the recent and most popular hairstyles. Every woman wants to get a perfect vintage wave that could add to their beauty. While different hairdressers use their techniques for making vintage waves, you can do it on your own too. Being a perfect hairstyle for events like wedding and prom season, vintage wave saves you ... Read More »

How to Determine Eyebrow Length

Eyebrow length

Determining eyebrows length can be as hard as getting them in a perfect shape. How can one aptly determine one`s eyebrows length depend much on the conception of what is the right length of eyebrows. However, the fact is that majority of women over think about their eyebrows length. Still, to be careful about one`s eyebrows length is a genuine ... Read More »

How to Create Bubbles in the Hair

  With tremendous increase in emerging different hairstyles, creating bubbles in the hair has gotten much more popularity. A large number of women are opting for bubbles hairstyles and hence to create bubbles in their hair, women resort to different techniques. The recent popularity in bubble hairstyle can also be linked with its popularity among many celebrities like Angelina Jolie, ... Read More »

How to Control Baby Strands Along the Hairline

Everyone finds baby strands along the hairline annoying and hence to control it. Baby strands are not only annoying but they also ruin your overall hairstyle. In some cases, they can cost you expensive techniques to get rid of them. Baby strands can emerge both on the front and back side of your head. While having baby strands at the ... Read More »

Different Ways to Get Rebellious Haircut and Color

With evolving time and increase in individual freedom more and more people are opting for hairstyles that look unique. Rebellious haircut and color is also on such list. There are many different ways to get rebellious haircut and color. Most of these ways focus on making the person unique. You can get any kind of rebellious haircut or color that ... Read More »

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