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Ten Vitamin B Rich Foods

vitamin b rich foods

Vitamin B is one of the most important components of food. There are certain foods which are much rich in vitamin B, whether it is vitamin B-6 or B-12. Intake of these foods are beneficial in many ways for human body as every single type of vitamin B serves a unique function in the body. In order to have a ... Read More »

Foods to Make your Skin Fairer

food to make skin fair

Having a fair skin complexion is one the most desired thing for many women. You can make your skin fairer with the help of certain foods which contribute different kind of beneficial energy components to your skin. From very early times, foods are being used by women to achieve a fair skin, not to mention that food ingredients are also ... Read More »

Relocation Therapy: Your Cure to a Healthy Lifestyle

Relocation Therapy

Although it is still commonly believed that you can’t run away from your problems, an increasing number of people are beginning to realize that doing exactly that can be among the healthiest moves that an adult can make. Environment truly does have a significant effect on feelings and well-being, and there are times when a change is just what a ... Read More »

Life Coaching Journal

life coaching journel

I have a confession to make… I have always been very interested in analysing their behaviour and search deeply for answers why they did or said something.  This passion made me very curious but also very sensitive. The very first time I heard about life coaching I was intrigued and the main reason for this was because the gentleman talking ... Read More »


Food for muscle building

Food for Building Muscles – Taking the right food which help building muscles has always been an important decision one has to make when it comes to the desire of having a muscular body. For building muscles one needs to take special care of the food. A proper food for developing good muscles is the one which contains all the ... Read More »

How to lose 20lb of weight in 30 days

Losing weight with food

Nowadays, it is very important for a person to have smart look and healthy physical health. To lose weight more effectively and in order to maintain fitness, it is important to implement or you can say follow an authentic weight loss program. There are so many different ways which are quite helpful in losing weight. These might include diet control ... Read More »

Five Foods to Fight Stress

Food to fight stress

Human body is considered to be a natural pharmacy itself. In a stressful condition, usually a person found himself in a confusing condition. It is a very drastic situation for a person to be in.  Therefore, a person tends to do anything in order to get rid of stress. Natural foods like different kinds of fruits, vegetables, and so many ... Read More »

Seven Foods for Healthy Hair

Foods for healthy hair

Food plays a great role in the health and color of hair. It is true that hair has the significance of being a crowning glory of a personality, if they are treated properly. Hair is a filamentous biomaterial. In the dermis follicles are found, hair grows from them. Healthy hair is the symbol of youth, health and beauty. Indeed lasting ... Read More »

How to lose weight with Food or Diet


Your weight is directly associated with your dietary intake, which can be wisely modified to shed extra pounds. Weight loss is a challenge for many but by having health lifestyle it can be just a normal thing. There are several foods which are best known for weight-reducing properties because of their low calorie-content; less amount of fat, salt and sugar. ... Read More »

Causes of Bad Breath and How to Overcome Bad Breath

Overcome bad breath

It is said that mouth is the mirror of the human body because it is actually a true reflection of what’s going on in the overall body. So, oral health care is essential in order to remain healthy and a good oral hygiene is a key to fight bad breath. Here we will take a look at the causes of ... Read More »

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