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Top Pregnant Celebrities of 2012 -2013

pregnant celebrities

Here is an infographic that shows the sudden baby boom happening in global celebrity circles. It is a comprehensive list of all the actresses, singers and models who have announced their pregnancies and new mommy status during the year. It gives you the names of all the latest moms in tinsel town and additional information on first time mommies and ... Read More »

World Malaria Day on 25th April,Its Significance and objectives

World Malaria Day

The history is clearly suggesting the importance of 25th of April and it is considered as World Malaria Day throughout the world. It was firstly declared in the 2007 by the World Health Organization. Nowadays, many of countries all around the world are celebrating World Malaria day as on every 25th of April. The basic objective of this day is ... Read More »

World Cancer Day and its Awareness


Cancer is the unregulated growth of abnormal cells in the body. These cells are also known as malignant cells. In normal case cell grows when body needs them and die when body doesn’t need them but in cancer, cell grows and die uncontrollably. Cancer can develop in any organ or tissue of the body. There are almost 100 types of ... Read More »

World Aids Day or Red Ribbon Day


Significance of these awareness days is that they are health related and raise public awareness about AIDS, Cancers and different diseases. World AIDS Day is usually an awareness day. December is known as an AIDS awareness month because every year world AIDS day is celebrated on 1st December around the world. What is AIDS? AIDS is the abbreviation of Acquired ... Read More »

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