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How to apply mink eyelashes


  Mink eye lashes are popular among women and girls because of their dramatic effects and beauty and it’s easy to apply them at home by following some simple tips. These are made with real mink fur and are highly delicate and expensive. One set can easily cost you bound $ 50 or more. They are created with organic hair, ... Read More »

Fake Eyelashes, a must-have in every party


Today false lashes have become so popular that women can’t imagine attending any party without putting on their set of mink extensions or synthetic variety finished by lash curler, clear mascara or eyeliner which looks stunningly beautiful. If your natural lashes are thin and weak, false eyelashes are the only solution to make them appear thicker and attractive. Instant results ... Read More »

How to Get Orange Wedge Nails

orange wedge nails

Getting orange wedge nails has been in for a while now and many women are choosing to get it. However, not many women know how they can get orange wedge nails. If you like to have orange wedge nails but do not know how you can get it on your own then you are at the right place because here ... Read More »

How to Get Groovy Tie Dye Nails

The groovy tie-dye nail design is got by mixing CND additives with Brisa gel. This gives nails a whole new and beautiful look. The mixture also makes the nails appear brighter than before. It is much easier design that you can get on your own with very little effort and time. A number of different techniques are available to get ... Read More »

Nail Trends in 2013 and How to Get Them

The year 2013 has brought some new and excited nail trends. It has added much to nail styling and manicuring and every woman wants to know how to get these new nail trends. A wide range of nail styles are popping up every month which offer new and unique looks. With the pace of emerging new nail trends most women ... Read More »

How to Choose Suitable Hair Extension

choosing hair extension

A lot of women face dilemma when it comes to deciding on which hair extension they should choose. Choosing a suitable hair extension has always been a hard decision for such women. Not many of women take some of the important factors into consideration when choosing hair extension. Here we give a list of key factors that play a significant ... Read More »

How to Make Discolored Parts of Facial Skin Lighter

discolored facial skin

Having discolored facial skin is one the major concerns of women and everyone wants to get rid of it by making it lighter. A discolored spot even of the smallest size on face can make the whole face look bad. Being the most exposed part of the body it is essential to keep the facial skin fair and clean.  Reasons: ... Read More »

Acrylic or Gel Nails Pros and Cons

Acrylic vs Gel Nails

It`s been a while that most of  the women when deciding on applying fake nails find themselves in a real dilemma whether to choose acrylic or gel nails. The availability of a wide range of beauty products in the market has definitely provided women with greater liberty when it comes to choosing a beauty products. But a variety of such ... Read More »

How To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

How to make eyes bigger

Big, Bigger and Brightest, who doesn’t want popping eyes, when it comes to enhancing your eyes we all know it takes more than just applying the shadow to your lid. Celebrities from Kate Moss to Megan Fox are in extreme flavor of painting their eyes bigger but with style. The liner and mascara effect work well in evening, but what ... Read More »

How To Choose The Right makeup Foundation and How to Apply it

How to choose makeup foundation

Choosing the right foundation for your skin can seem like a difficult task. Applying your foundation and then wondering if you haven’t overdone yourself seem to be pretty daunting and tiring. Don’t worry a professional course isn’t needed. All you need is an amazing foundation and just a few tips to an unidentifiable layer of perfection. Shopping in a departmental ... Read More »

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