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American Dental Hygienists Association (ADHA) Annual Session in Boston, Massachusetts

American Dental Hygienists Association (ADHA) Annual Session in Boston, Massachusetts

It is the national annual meeting of American Dental Hygienists Association for all dental hygienists in Boston Massachusetts. This association will be celebrating 100 years of the dental hygiene profession.

Attendees:  The session is open for all stages of the dental professional`s career. This year ADHA Annual Session is expected to attract more than 20,000 professionals from the field of dental hygiene. Except from that, a large number of dental studies students and amateur dental hygiene will also attend the session.

Following are some of the reasons why you should attend this year`s session:

  • This year ADHA will be celebrating the 100th anniversary of dental hygiene profession so it will have much more to offer this time.
  • It will be providing the most cost-effective learning opportunity to all the attendees.
  • Attendees will get to know about up-to-date skills, education, and dental hygienic techniques, which will surely help them improving their practice.
  • Exhibitions will display a wide range of latest dental products and technologies with exceptionally low prices.
  • Attendees will also be taking part in some cutting-edge workshops on dental hygiene.
  • Members of ADHA will be given special discounts on tickets and various other things.

Events: This year ADHA Annual Session will be full of events ranging from workshops to fun activities.

List of the events that will be taking place this year is given below:

  1. Two plenary sessions
  2. Institute for Oral Health Presidential Gala
  3. Esther Wilkins Forsyth Dental Hygiene Clinic and MCPHS Open Tour
  4. Educators Workshops
  5. Student Adviser Workshops
  6. Quiz competitions
  7. Lectures
  8. Group Discussions
  9. Individual Counseling Sessions
  10. Seminars
  11. President`s dinner

Along with these events, the following two award ceremonies will also be conducting in which awards will be given to professionals who performed well in different categories.

ADHA Awards Program for Excellence in Dental Hygiene

ADHA General Awards: In this ceremony awards will be given to professionals in the following categories.

ADHA Clinical Dental Hygienist Award

ADHA Master Clinical Award

ADHA Community Outreach Award

Educator of the Year Award

Future Leader Award

Irene Newman Award

Alfred Fones Award

Student Member Community Services Award

Workshops and Speakers: The following workshops will take place in the session this year which will be lectured by some of the key professional speakers.

Infection Control in Mobile Settings: Different than Private Practice? By Kathy Eklund

A Better Perio Maintenance Protocol, by Timothy Donley

Implant Maintenance Therapy: An Evidence-Based Approach, by Edie Shuman-Gibson

Minnesota Breaks Ground: A Dental Hygiene Career Ladder is Born, by Coleen Brickle

Career Mapping: How to Design Your Career Path, by Debra Bachman-Zabloudil

That’s Not What the Other Faculty Said, by Mary Jacks

Common & Uncommon Oral Diseases: the Hygienist’s Role in Detection, by Craig Miller

A Better Perio Maintenance Protocol, by Timothy Donley

Methods and Strategies for Improved Local Anesthesia Outcomes, by Debra Rider

Bisphosphonate Related Osteonecrosis: Are Your Patients at Risk? By Louis Korompilas

Dental Hygiene, Reflecting on Our Past, Preparing for Our Future, by Rhoda Gladstone

Preparing a Successful Manuscript: What You Need to Know, by Rebecca S. Wilder

Sponsors: The event is sponsored by following companies.

  • 3M ESPE
  • ACT Pvt Ltd
  • Colgate
  • Dentsply Professional
  • GSK
  • Philips Zoom
  • Crest Oral-B
  • Waterpik
  • Sunstar pvt Ltd
  • Orbit
  • Premier
  • Henry Schein Dental
  • Hu-Friedy

Date and Venue: The event will take place June 19-25, 2013 in Boston, Massachusetts

Registration: Interested individuals can register online on the official website. Registration fee for members is $199, for students $115, for non-members $275, and for international members $399.

Contact information: For further details visit “”

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